Care Ministry

The Care Ministry exists to offer quality and dependable care to sick and disable members of our community. All too often, people are turned off by the prospect of helping with the sick and disabled because of fear and/or a lack of understanding of their conditions. At Care Ministry we struggle to provide medication, counseling, wheel chairs and all other necessities for the sick and disabled.

Our relational focus with the sick and disabled include:

  • Delivering meals to people with AIDS

  • Taking them on fun family outings and adventures

  • Going on a walk together

  • Becoming a best friend to people with developmental disabilities

  • Walk or run to educate and raise money for medication or buy a wheel chair for the disabled

  • Play soccer or other sports with youth who have developmental disabilities

  • Grant “wishes” for children who are sick

  • Deliver or serve meals to people who are bedridden or their families

  • Make food for families with relatives in the hospital

Professional Counseling
Our staff of professionally trained counselors can handle a variety of counseling needs; from family & childhood dynamics, to marital tensions, to emotional obstacles like depression or anxiety.

Support groups
Our support groups are tailored to meet specific types of needs and we offer both Bible-basedsupport.


Contact Us

Lilian Adema
+254 702 948 007