Our Core Values

Christ Care Ministries International is committed to nurturing these key values:

Ministry: We are committed to living, preaching and teaching the word of God. Our love for God and His calling shall be our driving force. The power and influence of the Holy Spirit is the key agent of transformation. We value, appreciate and recognize the diversity of gifts in the body of Christ.

Leadership: We are committed to godly transformational leadership in Church and society that equips believers to participate in the Great Commission. People are our greatest asset both within and without the church.

Community: We work with and exist in a community. We believe that it is our responsibility to impact them in a holistic manner. We will stand in solidarity with those who are marginalized by society.

Family: We are committed to building strong and effective families that serve the purpose that God ordained for them.

Integrity: We are committed to personal integrity and holiness in the ministry. We are committed to teaching and practicing sound Biblical doctrine.

Accountability: We are committed to a culture of transparency and accountability with our members and the general public

Excellence: In keeping with our identity and ministry target, we are committed to a culture of excellence in all our service delivery and ministries.

Sanctity of Life: We uphold and respect the sanctity of life from conception.

Partnership: We are committed to partnering with like-minded ministries, churches, Para- church organizations and other agencies that subscribe to our philosophy of ministry.