Our Story

Wicklife Jeremiah Omendah, a former street kid in Kisumu City of western Kenya, was born to a Kenyan girl on September 24th, 1982. Through the assistance of a staunch Christian and former Nyanza Provincial Commissioner Mr. Peter Raburu, Mr. Omendah was picked up from the streets of Kisumu and placed into Covenant Children’s Home under the care of Patricia Botwright as a guardian who managed to take Wicklife through all his basic and high school education as well as introducing him to Christianity.

Wicklife and his wife and children

Wicklife and his wife and children

Wicklife Jeremiah received Christ in March 1998 in a small Christian union service in high school and water baptism at Hippo point Kisumu in Lake Victoria in 1999. In 2001 during his normal morning prayer session, he felt God sending him to be a missionary in his native Migori village. After his final high school examination in 2002, Wicklife travelled to Migori and started evangelizing in his community. Many people came to Christ and this led to the founding and birth of Christ Care Ministries International (CCMI) in December 2002.

The name "Christ Care" came as a result of great faith in Wicklife that Christ would take care of the needs of CCMI. Wicklife was later joined by his wife Lilian and many others as God provided more and more people too work alongside him.

CCMI is dedicated to seeing God's Name worshiped among all the peoples of Kenya and beyond. Through the passionate leadership of Wicklife Omendah, they are reaching out to their communities with the truth of Jesus Christ and planting churches and outreach points among various tribes and language groups in the rural regions of western Kenya. Wicklife is a gifted evangelist who loves any and every opportunity to proclaim Jesus and make disciples who are following Christ throughout their lives. CCMl has started a Bible School in Migori where pastors and church leaders are trained in biblical truth and equipped to more effectively reach the lost with the gospel.


Email: ccmiomendah@yahoo.com