Sports Ministry

Christ Care Sports Ministry was started in 2006 by Pastor Wicklife Jeremiah Omendah as a youth evangelism program. Today the sports ministry has expanded into a full ministry mission which sends tens of male and female youth on short-term mission trips all over the Southern Nyanza Region of Kenya. Our goal is to extend the love God to all sports-loving people.

Our Main Focus

Our main focus must be building Christ-centered relationships, discipleship / evangelism, and training believers in the discovery and development of their gifts, talents and vision for the enhancement of their communities and the advancing of the Kingdom of God.


Sports Evangelism

Taking the Gospel to the young and lost has never been the same since we started the Sports Evangelism. Sport is hugely popular among young people in our community and in Kenya in general. Sport is therefore a credible and attractive way of engaging the attention of young people and providing a platform to both share the Gospel with them and also through which to promote prevention of HIV, de-stigmatization and to encourage the development of important life skills.

In a region that is becoming more resistant to traditional efforts of evangelism and ministry, sports has proved to be one of the most effective ways of evangelism over and above traditional evangelism which has not been effective, especially in reaching the youth. In school events, church events, local community events, district leagues and national competitions, personal testimonies and a clear Gospel message are presented in a sports setting and used successfully to share Christ with the unsaved. Sports, especially soccer, net ball, and volleyball, are a major part of our community's culture and touch a greater segment of the population each year.

We always seek to identify those sports-minded individuals in the local church whose gifts and abilities are aimed in this same direction, and we train them to use those gifts to bring others to Christ. We attempt to help these individuals understand the talents God has given them and then show them how to use their gifts effectively.

Besides empowering young people with the Gospel of the risen Lord Jesus Christ, Christ Care Sports Ministries educates young people about HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, drug abuse and life skills.


Ministry Challenge

Our biggest problem at the moment is lack of funds for coordination; that is, transport and communication. We have to hire vans for our outreaches, which are costly and unreliable. We lack sound and sports equipment. We have received previously used and new sports equipment from our friends from US, but we still need more. We appeal to churches and other sports ministries to donate to us used and new sports equipment, sound systems, and funds for coordination of this ministry. No need to trash your new and used sports equipment... we would love to have them!


Sports Ministry in Ntimaru-Kuria District

Ntimaru mission is purely a sports mission. It has become harder and harder to get the attention of the youth in Ntimaru and larger Kuria area. However, with the Holy Spirit's guidance, we have found that sports outreaches can draw the youth in ways that traditional evangelism has not been able to reach them . The sports evangelism focus for Ntimaru Mission is now in schools, churches and the local community; we are successfully sharing a clear Gospel message through sports evangelism with the unsaved in this community.

We are capitalizing on soccer and volleyball which is the major focus of the youth population here in the two Kuria Districts and working to encourage individuals in the local churches to use their gifts and talents to bring others to Christ.