Asante Sana, Bridges Community Church!

Last Sunday, August 20th 2014, Bridges Community Church in Los Altos, California hosted a special luncheon to update its members on the needs and stories of the children in Christ Care Children's Home and Christ Care Academy.

As a result of the luncheon, over $4,000 was raised to provide for the urgent needs of CCMI. With this money, CCMI will able to keep Christ Care Academy, which government officials threatened to shut down because of lack of adequate classrooms. Through the generosity and love of the members of Bridges Community Church, two new classrooms will be built, and Christ Care Academy will continue to educate 225 orphans! These children will be so happy to be back in school. 

Additionally, the funds will be used to pay for the annual car insurance and new tires for the only ambulatory vehicle in our small community in Migori. This provision will save lives!

All remaining finances will be used to ensure the children in our Children's Home will maintain a well-balanced diet (sufficient protein) for the next few weeks. Praise God!

Asante sana (Swahili for "thank you so much"), Bridges Community Church! You have shown us the love of Jesus, and we are eternally grateful.