Praising God in 2014

Help us praise HIM.

The Lord continues to provide for the needs of CCMI as we come to the end of the year 2014. We are all praising God and thanking HIM for his mercy and love for the needy here.

We continue thanking God and praying for all who sacrificially gave toward the orphans and needy in this community in the year 2014. The fight for the needs and rights of the needy here continues even as we approach 2015.

We are kindly asking you to pray and help us meet the following five needs in January 2015: They are in order of priority as per CCMI leadership here.

  1. The government has asked us to build three more classes in our orphanage academy before January 5, 2015 for them to give us full school registration. This is very important for us to continue giving close to 250 orphans free education that they will not get anywhere if this school is closed. One classroom costs $1500 to build. 
  2. We are praying and trusting God for college and high school fees and related school needs for our orphans in January 2015.
  3. Our old car that serves the ambulatory needs of this centre and orphanage is no longer effective, and it has become very expensive to maintain. If possible, please help us find a replacement for it. This community and orphanage needs a running car to be able to save lives and meet the needs of many invalids and HIV/AIDS patients. (When God provides, we can always pay a deposit and pay the rest within a year or monthly installments).
  4. There is agricultural land on sale here. This land can help us reduce our food needs in future and empower our orphanage to be self-sufficient in the near future.
  5. If we can construct two dormitories, we can move toward a more sustainable school because we can open the school to students whose families can afford and would be willing to pay school fees. These fees would go toward administration costs, teacher's salaries, maintenance, meal plans, and other basic needs of the academy.

On a personal note…

My family's house is leaking; heavy hailstones broke holes on the old roof. My wife was very disturbed, so she approached a local women's financing bank for a loan, and after two days of prayer she was offered a loan which has helped her start building a new house. The money is not enough to complete even half of the building. We appreciate prayers towards our housing and any advice. My wife is very concerned...

Thank you as you continue to serve and help the needy in this community.

In God’s Vine yard,

Mr. and Mrs. Wicklife J. Omendah
Founders and leaders CCMI