Karibu 2015: Happy New Year!

Greetings from Migori in Kenya!

I pray that you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I want to start by saying thanks for your continued support to this orphanage. We have never lacked food in the center for the last two months and we still have enough till 20th January. For the first time in our history we have had a good diet for our kids for two months consecutively. Thanks BCC family for that provision!

Ultimately the purpose of Christ Care Children’s Home and Rehabilitation Center is to transform the lives of the children in our care and to bring honor and glory to God and to give them a home, an education, and a future in which they can become responsible people within the community. Education is vital in Kenya. Without it the orphans cannot go anywhere or get a job.

We have three urgent needs that I want to share with you.

Very Urgent

1: Eight High schools orphans need to go back to school on 6th January 2015 (we need at least $15000 to put them in school and we shall clear the balance ($3000) along the year as God provides.

2: Two of our college orphans are supposed to go back to college on 6th January 2015 (we need $500 to clear their remaining college fees and related needs. They will sit their final papers mid this year)

3: I am on my way to the District education office to ask them to allow our orphans Academy to open up for our orphans and community orphans as from next Monday. The Education ministry has insisted that we must build three more usable classes for them to give us a permanent registration. Pray that they allow us, because if they do not allow us then the hope of over 250 orphans receiving  education will turn to hopeless as all of them cannot afford education elsewhere. You can also help us assure the education officials that we can build the three classes soon. That may be what they would love to here and the can re-open our school.

Needs to think about in near future

4: We need a car: our car is now very old. With our current car situation we are prone to serious medical casualties and fatalities in this centre and the community.

5: Our food will be over on 20th of January 2015, let us trust God for more food. For food sustainability, let’s pray that God will provide funds to buy us one of the current Agricultural lands on sale in this community

6:  Pray for our family housing

7: We need dometries and beddings in the orphanage

Thank you for your support to this wonderful project impacting to so many children’s lives. I pray that God will give us the grace and favor to move into 2015. Amen!