February 2015 Newsletter

We at Christ Care Ministries International (CCMI) we are looking forward for an incredible year in store for 2015, and we hope you are too! 2014 was good to us. We brought on two more qualified primary school teachers on staff at the orphans Academy. We built three more classes in our orphanage academy, got the registration for our Christ Care Orphans Academy. Leased two more acres for more corn and vegetables... The strength of your support in all this is immeasurable.

Christ Care Orphanage and Rehabilitation Center

Danish and Felix graduated from the university while Everline, Michael and Simeon will be graduating from teachers college in a few months; thanks to all our partners that supported the above five who came in as needy orphans but are now going out as professionals ready to build and give back to the community.  Currently, with three orphans in Kindergarten, twenty two in primary/elementary school, eight in high school, two in college and one currently in her third year at the University, this orphanage continues to focus on changing the future of these kids for a better and promising future.

Our goal is to help this children mature into caring, responsible and productive members of society. Education is vital in Kenya; without it, orphaned children have little to no hope for a stable future. The Christ Care Children’s Home and Rehabilitation Centre is a safe refuge for school age orphans, street kids and children who are in need of food, education, counselling and a place to call home.

Our Orphans Academy

Christ Care Orphans Academy gives free education to more than 250 orphans from our centre and the community. This academy is currently the best school in academic performance, co-curricular activities and spiritual nourishment in this community. It is the only school in this county that give free education to orphans. Our community is one of the few communities in Kenya with a very high number of OVCs (orphans and Vulnerable Children) as a result of HIV/AIDS and related illness.

Sports & Drug Rehabilitation Program
Our sports program continues to give us a platform to meet tens of youth and drug addicts from this community and its environs for counselling on a daily basis from 3.00pm to 6:30 pm. This program has also been very good in building teamwork, life skills, and HIV/AIDS education and de-stigmatization. In 2014, we were able to help hundreds of young people have a positive outlet to use their talents. Through this program, we have a safe space to discuss important issues like teen pregnancy, drug abuse, and HIV/AIDS. Tens of youth are encouraged, counselled and helped to get HIV/AIDS medication, testing and counselling.

But this is just the start. Our eyes are on big growth in 2015 and bigger impact on the education and futures of these children.

Here is how you can get involved to help us achieve our goals in 2015:

  1. Sponsor a child: Through our sponsorship program, we provide each child not only with a well balanced diet, monthly medical care, and top quality education at our school for orphans, basic necessities for maintaining good hygiene, but also a supportive and loving home in our orphanage. Consider sponsoring a child for $1 per day!

  2. Christ Care Orphans Academy: When you give toward our academy, you provide children with a healthy and appropriate learning environment. You provide classrooms that are approved by Kenya's Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health as well as desks for the students to use. Right now many of our children do not have adequate space or privacy for learning. In fact our baby class (preschool) is taught underneath a tree.

  3. Internship: We would love to have you join us for as much time as you have to offer! We would benefit greatly from interns who can come, volunteer and teach English at Christ Care Academy. We would also love to host sports camps through our sports ministry! Whether your skills are construction or children's ministry, health education or soccer, we would love to have you here with us locally!

Support has many different looks, so if it's an idea you have, story you'd like to share, time you'd like to volunteer or cash you'd like to contribute, we'd love to hear from you and make you a part of this effort to care and educate these fantastic kids!

In Christ,

Mr. and Mrs. Wicklife Jeremiah Omendah
Directors of Christ Care Ministries International (CCMI)