Cholera and Typhoid Outbreak

Christ Care Ministries International (CCMI) has been facing some major challenges recently after a major outbreak of Cholera and Typhoid. CCMI runs the children’s home, school and counseling programs in the Migori, Kenya community which has seen an influx of orphaned children due to high levels of HIV/AIDS deaths in the area. Here is my update of the current situation. 

I have been very ill with typhoid.  A number of our orphans have been ill with typhoid, malaria and/or cholera too. There has been a typhoid /cholera outbreak in this community that has claimed 11 people in this community in the last 30 days.

14 orphans and my two children are under medication. Two orphans, Monica and Eric are still not out of danger. We have incurred a large outstanding medical bill (Kshs 28,000/$350 USD) which covers the cost of medicine, treatment and measures to control and eliminate this outbreak from the centre.

This medical bill is an urgent and unexpected expense beyond our currently very tight budget. If you know anyone who may be willing to meet this need of the $350 medical bill or other needs at the center including student sponsorship ($30/mo) or teacher sponsorship ($60/mo) please share this information with them.

Thank you as always for your support and dedication in helping us connects more people to the needs in the communities we serve.