Praises and Prayer Requests

For the first time ever, we were able to get a $500 loan from a small microfinance organization. We applied for this loan because we needed to take my wife to the Kisii hospital for the back problem; we also needed to get some little food for the orphans and at least three bags of fertilizers for our current crops.  

From the loan -We were able to get 55 tins of food for our Orphans- we use ten tins of food daily. We were also able to buy three bags of fertilizer for some of our crops that needed fertilizer. We are very happy that we have food for the next four days. We were also able to get enough and recommended medication for my wife’s back.

We are doing well, all our kids in the centre are healthy and doing fine, though the neighbourhood is still suffering from typhoid and cholera. Two more people died in the last one week. One is my cousin (Ndeda) and another is a friend and neighbour (Oyando). These briefs are always on my facebook

Please, pray for our ministry and the needs as follows (they are arranged in order of priority).

  • The monthly need for the orphanage is $1000 and this can be reduced to $100 per month if we can be blessed with three acres of agricultural land.

  • The monthly need for the orphanage academy is $ 920 and this can be reduced to $200 per month if we can construct two dometries in the school compound.

  • Pray for my family, we need a monthly support of $300, to be able to meet all our family medical, food and clothing needs. This amount can reduce to $0 if we can get 2 acres of land for my family.

  •  Though our church is the only licensed church in my community, to conduct ceremonies and issue wedding certificate- we are not able to raise $400 needed for the wedding book (this book enables one to carry our 60 weddings). This has forced a number of our members and other Christian families to go for the traditional and customary weddings that have many unbiblical aspects and oaths.

  • Pray for high school kids that need to go to school this semester.

  • We need an ambulatory car to save our orphans, family and community from lack of transport for the sick, who need to be rushed to hospital

Thank you for your unconditional love and generous giving toward the needy in this community.