Two Sisters, One Hope

Grace (left) and Monica (right) 

Grace (left) and Monica (right) 

These two sisters, 11 and 12 years old, were our focus for the month of September. After the August school holidays, the two orphans, along with many others in this center, went back to school for the final term this year. Grace and Monica joined us in December 2011 when they were brought in by our wonderful staff member, the late Helen Rubai.

After the death of their single mother in 2008, the two girls had no choice but to stay alone in their late mother’s rented hut. Grace continued to pick firewood in the Migori forest and walked around town selling the firewood to local open air cooks in exchange for a cup of porridge for the two of them. Sadly, Grace repeatedly fell victim to cruel men before the two joined us. Grace lost her two front teeth during one of those incidences. Grace’s life was greatly damaged; she was severely traumatized and does not trust men. Now, however, Grace is lovely, responsible, very hardworking, and kind to other orphans. Due to her struggles with learning, Grace is in second grade while her younger sister is in fourth grade.

Fortunately, her sister Monica was less traumatized and does not remember much about her past. She has a very weak immune system though and gets sick often, but she is very bright academically and a joyful child. When these girls first came to us they were so sick and malnourished I was afraid to admit them because I thought they would die within the next few days. But Helen worked very hard to convince me and helped to finally improve their health. The girls’ nickname, given them by their mother, is Nyi-Nyakach, which tells us they are from the Luo tribe and the Nyakach clan. We have been unable to trace any living relative.

The support we have and continue to get from you has given these children a lifeline: shelter, clothing, medication, a chance to go to school, hope for a better future, and most importantly, they have experienced the love of Jesus in their lives through Christ Care Ministries. Please receive our deepest thanks for your caring and generosity that has made this all possible.

Wicklife and Lilian Omendah and all those of Christ Care Ministries International