Beyond Borders Bulletin: Week of 03/12

March 12th, 2018

5 things you need to know about this week at Christ Care Ministries:

  1. WATER. The bore hole that has been supplying water for our children’s home, academy, and surrounding community has run dry, and the incidence of preventable yet potentially fatal illnesses is on the rise.  

  2. MORE WATER. We received a quote from Lifesaver for a purification tank, but the cost for it alone is over 15,000 USD. Yikes! So we are looking for resources that can help with the installation of a rainwater collection system (for our immediate need) as well as installation of a new bore hole with a solar or manual pump (for our long term need). Last year’s estimate for a bore hole was 13,000 USD. If you have any connections or resources that could help us with this need, please respond in the comment field below.

  3. EDUCATION. Our 17 high school and 2 vocational students have returned to school safely after their short break. They will come back to our Children's Home in April before returning to school again in May.  CCMI will need to submit 40% of their tuition (~7,000 USD) no later than May 1st in order for them to continue their education in May. Please submit your donations no later than April 15th, so the funds can be wired to Migori in time.  Continued education is key to rising up and out of poverty in this region of the world. Make a difference in a child’s life by giving the gift of education today!

  4. AGAIN, WATER. CCMI’s founder Pastor Wicklife has been battling typhoid since late February. Typhoid is an illness that can be spread through (you guessed it) contaminated drinking water. Please pray for the Lord to restore him to full health so that he can continue the Lord’s work at CCMI. There are several children that are still ill as well including his little daughter Patricia. Please pray for healing.

  5. DID WE MENTION WATER? We are dependent on rain water not only to drink, but also for our crops. Please pray for more rain.