The Story of Jacob

Dear Friends and Partners,

On behalf of all the orphans, students, teachers, and staff of CCMI, I want to thank you for your continued support. Your love through prayers, donations, and encouraging communication has achieved good work. We thank God for His provision through the financial and spiritual partnership of people like you. Without it, what we do would be impossible.

Here is but one example of your impact on lives here in Migori, Kenya:


Hello, my name is Jacob. I come from a childhood full of tragedy, loss, and death. In 2002, I was awakened suddenly by horrific screams coming from my parents bedroom. My sisters and I dashed to my parents’ bedroom to see what was happening. To our utter shock and disbelief, we found my mother in an uncontrollable rage repeatedly stabbing my father to death. I ran to get help from neighbors as my mother waited beside my deceased father. The police arrived and took her to jail, thus saving her from a village lynching as this was the clan tradition. Ultimately, she was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

The trauma of that night did not end with that. According to culture, our family house (a traditional grass thatched hut) was to be set ablaze until nothing but ashes were left, and so it was.  Still the tragedy continued. Cultural tradition states that children who witness the murder of their parents must either be killed or banished from the clan. Thinking that they should stop the story from ever being told, the clan chose to kill us.  Thankfully, before they could implement their decision, one of our widowed aunties snuck us away during the night and brought us to Migori. Without the means to care for us herself, she left us there. For three years, I and my three sisters roamed the streets of Migori town eating from garbage heaps to survive.  Sadly, I lost my older sister on the streets of Migori town.

By God’s blessing, in 2006, a Good Samaritan, the late CCMI staff worker, Helen, brought me and my two younger sisters to the CCMI Orphanage. No longer did I have to live on the streets and eat from the garbage. I was fed, cared for, and loved by Pastor Wicklife, his wife, and the staff and teachers of CCMI who shared the gospel with me both in word and in deed. Halellujah! I gave my life to Christ in 2013, then made a public profession of my commitment to live for Jesus through water baptism on Christmas Day 2014. 

I received my elementary education at the CCMI Academy through 2016. In October 2016, I sat for (took) the national KPCE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) exams and qualified to attend high school.  With the help of CCMI’s partners, I was able to start Mukuyu Mixed Secondary school in January. I am currently a member of Christian Union in my school. God has gifted me in soccer and athletics. Through soccer evangelism, I have had the privilege to introduce others to Jesus Christ and help them grow in the Lord through one-on-one discipleship.  Today I am experiencing new life in Christ.  I am so very, very thankful to God for all the sponsors of CCMI. Asante Sana! I am praying for continued support from the generous partners of CCMI so that I can continue my education.

Jacob’s story is a reflection of the good work being done and good news being shared by CCMI. We would love to send Jacob and his peers back to high school in September. The final 10% of the high school tuition and fees for the 15 students (~$1100) for the year is due mid-August. (If you recall, it was your gifts last year made this possible for the first time in 2016.)

We are excited to share that one of our students, Jennifer, will be finishing her high school education this year. Four of our elementary students will take the KPCE exams in October 2017 to qualify them to start high school in January 2018. Lord willing, we will have 18 students ready to attend high school – setting a new record! They cannot attend without your help. Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a child.

Additionally, two CCMI orphans will complete their elementary education this year and be ready to move on to vocational training (VT) in January. VT is usually one or two years of training at half the cost of HS. At VT, the orphans will learn marketable skills such as mechanics, carpentry, or sewing, which will enable them to earn a living and support themselves.

Please consider empowering Jacob and the other post-elementary students by sponsoring them through high school or VT.  With your help, these orphans can rise up out of poverty.  The ultimate purpose of CCMI’s orphanage and academy is to bring honour and glory to Christ Jesus through transforming the lives of the children under our care. CCMI works to give them a safe, healthy home and a basic education, thus giving them a hope for a future out of poverty. We continue to pray and trust God for these basic needs. Thank you for sharing in His work.

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With deepest gratitude,
Pastor Wicklife Jeremiah Omendah
Founder and Director of CCMI