Beyond Borders Bulletin: Week of 02/26

February 26th, 2018

5 things you need to know about this week at Christ Care Ministries:

1) All of our high school students will have a week long break starting from 02/24 until early March. Pray for their safety as they travel to/from school and CCMI.

A group photo of our high schoolers

A group photo of our high schoolers

2) Cue Toto’s famous song “Africa” because this week we had RAIN! This was a much needed blessing since our summer here (December - February) was so hot and dry that our creeks, streams, and even our primary water source (a community borehole) dried up. As our need for water is ongoing, please pray not only for continued rains, but also pray for resources for sustainable, long-term solutions.

3) We began planting maize and bean seed with fertilizer this week. Special thanks to a faithful sponsor, who provided us with the funds to be able to continue our farming projects! Come harvest, this investment not only helps us feed our 36 orphans at our Children’s Home, but it provides lunch for over 230 students at our Orphans Academy! Any extra harvest we sell and use toward other ministry expenses.

4) The Ministry of Education visited our Academy today. They have required that each student have a birth certificate. Since many of our students are total orphans, they do not have birth certificates. With over 230 children in our Academy and a cost of $5 per birth certificate, it could cost us over $1000 to meet this requirement.

5) A handful of our students and staff members are ill with typhoid and/or other infectious diseases. Please pray for their speedy and full recovery.